Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pullet Power

Not sure why teenage female chickens are called "pullets," but they are. So here are the babies as they currently are, as of mid-September, 2008. And, in case you are wondering - yes, that is the same baby chicky watering jar as in their baby video. They have a large watering facility that will easily allow 15 or more chickens to drink at one time - but no, they still prefer drinking from their original water jar.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Baby Chickie Video

Ok, got some new video editing software that I just had to play with. This video is from the first few days of my chickies' lives. Can you spot the Princess Chicken? From Day One, you can see she stands out from the crowd.

Took me most of the night to figure out how to

  • Use my new Pinnacle Studio video software
  • Find a FREE .MOV to .AVI converter (that actually works well)
  • Create a YouTube account
  • Export video in a format that YouTube liked
  • Upload the video, find it didn't work, recreate, upload again
  • Repeat above a few times

So, no other posts this holiday, probably, but I am proud to share part of the first day's of life of my babies. (Now, where was this technology when I had my human babies?) Anyway, watch out world - I may have found a new calling!