Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good Morning!

Not sure why I woke up at 4:30 a.m., but glad I did. Lovely 50*F morning in the garden this morning. Golden sunlight. Unfortunately, I think I have dropped my phone one too many times, and the pictures are now a little out of focus. Still, a little sepia tone can fix a lot of issues. View of the chicken coop through the branches of my little Royal Gala apple tree from Stark Bros. I have no illusions that I will actually get to eat these - summer winds are sure to tear them from the branches when they are about golf ball size.
Today's garden activities and comments
  • ate 6 strawberries
  • took some semi-blurry pictures
  • watered everything
  • weather predicted to be in high 80*s today
  • did my morning exercise in the garden
  • inhaled fresh, cool, not dusty! air
  • listened to neighborhood roosters crow
  • yellow clover is over 2 ft tall
  • beans in beds 2 and 3 doing well
  • one iris blooms
Ok, now time to get ready for work. Maybe I'll take the top off of the Jeep. Starting out to be an excellent day.