Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring is Sprung

Nectarine Bud
Nectarine bud ready to unfurl. This is it's first Spring in our tiny orchard and I did not expect it to actually bloom. Of course, it is only the beginning of April, so I suspect we will have several light frosts and at least one more hard frost before the cold has left us for good - meaning that any fruits formed of these flowers will probably be frost blasted and killed sometime between now and the middle of May. Since the tree is not yet really established, even if it did set fruit that survived, I suppose that I should take them off, any way, so that the tree can spend its energy getting better situated.

A weed.
The weeds are starting to bloom, also. This one has delicate lavender flowers. The color shows up a little washed out in this photo.

Another weed
More weed flowers.

Something new that is now germinating.

Sugar Snap Pea Seedling
And finally, some action in the garden area. This is a close up of a sugar snap "edible pod" pea seedling. I've planted about 200 of these babies, so far, but only about 20 have germinated as of today. Hopefully more will soon follow their lead.

Other action in the garden are includes: Bearded Irises have broken dormancy and are about 6 inches tall, Garlic is growing like a weed, Cherry tree leaf buds fattening up, Apple trees have little leaves, daffodils are blooming, crocus flowers are all gone.


Chelle said...

Those are very pretty plants! I have always liked desert plants but they would never survive in our climate!!

KMU said...

Thanks for your kind comments. It's amazing to see what will show up when you sprinkle some water on them. Of course, instead of trying to grow desert plants, I am trying to grow all those things they say won't grow... like tomatoes...