Saturday, November 22, 2008

More Eggs!

Two more eggs today - another small light brown one and a small dark brown one. Five eggs in two days - here they are compared to a Grade A Large store-bought white egg. I know brown eggs aren't any more nutritious than white ones, but they sure are prettier.
Here are my eggs sitting in what I hope are the last store-bought eggs that I eat in many, many years.

No pictures, but all the girls (except Kick-Start) got their right wing feathers clipped and leg bands. Since Kick-Start can't fly and is easily recognizable, I figured I didn't need to clip her or adorn her with jewelry. The roosters don't really fly and are also easily identifiable, so I didn't clip them or adorn them, either. Hopefully this will stop any more of the girls from flying over the fence and getting themselves eaten. And, hopefully, it will help protect my garden.

On the gardening and I-Can't-Wait-For-Spring front, the first of the seed catalogs came this week. Other than that, I think the rosemary and oregano are the only things showing any green at this moment. I'm not sure why the rosemary is alive - it should have died many, many hard frosts ago. Still, I am delighted that we will have fresh rosemary for the turkey this Thanks Giving.

    Things to do
  • Secure the garlic planting area from chickens
  • Plant garlic
  • Deep water trees as soon as the hoses thaw in the morning to give them the maximum amount of above freezing time to absorb the water
  • Mulch strawberries
  • Mulch herbs (rosemary, oregano, sweet marjoram, lemon balm)
  • Re-dig the watering basins around the trees and put the mulch back in that the chickens have spread all around


farmer alex said...

just stopping by to say how much i enjoy your blog. keep it up and i look forward to see what else you have going on...also i have a similar dream of owning some land out here in northern NM, would you want to be out side the desert? i couldn't see why

KMU said...

Thanks so much for your kind words! It is a challeng living here - but, as you know, so very, very worth it!