Sunday, May 15, 2011

Springtime Ramblings

It's amazing what one can do on their phone these days.  This photo was taken and edited on my phone.  I suppose I can also blog via my phone, but haven't spent the time figuring it out because - I have been spending every spare moment in the garden! As you can see, the garlic planted last fall is doing well.
And, I have finally found the solution to the birds and other critters eating my sunflower and other seedlings - row covers.  Duh.  I bought about $30 worth of them this spring, and in stead of losing half (or more) of my seedlings to the voracious wildlings, out of 50 sunflower seedlings, I've only lost 5 (ok, I stepped on two additional ones, but that is a separate issue!).  In this photo is the first bush bean planting - all under wraps.
Rows are about 5 ft long.  Top set includes 4 rows, right to left, one row each of: Ferry Morse "Royal Burgundy" Purple Bean (Ferry Morse Seeds from Home Harvest Seeds) (2011 seed), Pinetree Garden "Pencil Pod Yellow (wax) Bush Bean" (Pinetree Gardens) (2008 seed), Park Seed "True Blue" Green Bean (Park Seed) (2011 seed) and Park Seed "Velour" Purple Bean (2011 seed).  The row on the bottom left has a mixture of them - just figured it would look nice.  I dropped a bunch of the pencil pod yellow wax bean seeds in a puddle, though, so there is a higher percent of them than I originally planned.  The row on the bottom left has radishes.  It's a little early for both beans and  blackeye peas, but I couldn't help but plant a 15 ft double row of Ferry Morse "California Blackeye."  Also planted them under row covers.
A note about the row covers in this photo - right now they are plastered to the sand because I have just heavily watered in the seeds.  They do "float" when they are dry.

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