Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Good Morning!

Not sure why I woke up at 4:30 a.m., but glad I did. Lovely 50*F morning in the garden this morning. Golden sunlight. Unfortunately, I think I have dropped my phone one too many times, and the pictures are now a little out of focus. Still, a little sepia tone can fix a lot of issues. View of the chicken coop through the branches of my little Royal Gala apple tree from Stark Bros. I have no illusions that I will actually get to eat these - summer winds are sure to tear them from the branches when they are about golf ball size.
Today's garden activities and comments
  • ate 6 strawberries
  • took some semi-blurry pictures
  • watered everything
  • weather predicted to be in high 80*s today
  • did my morning exercise in the garden
  • inhaled fresh, cool, not dusty! air
  • listened to neighborhood roosters crow
  • yellow clover is over 2 ft tall
  • beans in beds 2 and 3 doing well
  • one iris blooms
Ok, now time to get ready for work. Maybe I'll take the top off of the Jeep. Starting out to be an excellent day.


antigonum cajan said...

Good morning...Here a token of gardening in the urban concrete/asphalt in Puerto Rico, USA.


KMU said...

Thanks! I always like reading about what other gardeners/farmers are doing!