Monday, January 28, 2008

High Desert Winds

Here in Northern Nevada, we are blessed with every possible way to make wind. We have convective winds in the Summer when the sun beats down on the desert sand, heating the sand which heats the air above the sand, which then feels compelled to rise is great, forceful drifts. We have winds that roll over the tops of mountains to form awesome (but dangerous, from an airplane's perspective) "standing lenticular clouds." There are winds that sweep down valleys and canyons and winds that gust across the open plains of sage and tumble weed.

Last night the wind howled and swirled icy snow, met in chorus by the coyotes yipping down by the lake. Wispy, wind-shredded clouds raced across the sky. Mother Nature dancing around in a wild ruckus of a Winter Storm. Something to behold from the warmth of one's home, for certain.

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