Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chicks are flying

A Maran watches the coop being built. DSr screwed thin strips of scrap wood across the bottom rungs of the welded wire so that the chicks could not escape their temporary run. Just outside of the run, the coop is taking shape. DSr & DJr hung tar paper and siding on the south side of the building today and also put up two more roof trusses. Starting to look like a building! I think this Maran approves.

    Maran Notes
  • Black with white "dots"
  • Fluffy compared to the others
  • Bigger, faster growing than the Ameraucanas and the Silver Laced Wyandotts
  • First to learn to fly
  • Pink-ish white legs
  • Dark brown eggs - they are known as the "chocolate egg" layers

White Ameraucana looking for bugs. One of the advantages for the chickens for being outside most of the day is that there are a variety of bugs, dry garlic wrappers, sand and various other things to pick at. One of the advantages to the people are that they spread more poop outdoors than in and the house smells better! Some day I will reclaim my laundry room. I did remove the heat lamp today, so that's a start.
    Ameraucana Notes
  • Green legged
  • I have two types - the white based and the orange/brown based
  • They are the smallest of the three types that I have
  • Last to learn to fly, but now that they have learned how, they enjoy doing it
  • Each bird will have her own color of eggs, and as a breed, it could be blue, green, turquoise, aqua or similar colors

Silver Laced Wyandott on top of the dog crate roof. The bottom half is in the laundry room duct taped to some cardboard to make their "indoor" run. The top half is being used for shade in their temporary day-time enclosure in my garden. Most of all of the chickens can fly up on to it now.
    Silver Laced Notes
  • Yellow legs
  • Slightly less fast growing than the Marans
  • Denser body than the Marans and the Ameraucanas
  • Lacing just starting to show up around the neck feathers of some of the birds
  • Eggs are your "basic brown" egg

Look, Ma, I look like a chicken! This is a photo of the orange/brown based Ameraucana. She looks like she is posing for the camera. Since they've been photographed from the time they got here, they are getting pretty blase about the camera.

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