Saturday, July 26, 2008

Yes, more Chicky Pictures

Pretty soon I will have to rename my blog to "Chicky Pics" or something. The garden isn't doing too well this year, but the chickens have been providing enough entertainment to make up for it! And - I have a nicely composting hill of chicky bedding that will help turn this desert sand into dirt (I love hitting my head against brick walls, thus, I married a US Marine and I am gardening in the desert!).

All the chickens are flying now, so I have to wash the top of the dog crate off every day or it will quickly become covered in icky chicky poo. This is one of my orange and black Ameraucanas.
I love the close up detail of their feathers. Remember, click on the photo to see the full sized photos.
Silver Laced Wyandotte and others have discovered the joy of roosting on the edge of an unused flower pot. The photo doesn't show it well, but the rim of the pot is about an inch wide - perfect for young chicken feet to hang on to.
A black and white Ameraucana grooming herself. The chickens spend a goodly amoung of time preening and aligning their feathers.
It's really difficult for me to catch the chickens in flight. I have several pictures that are in better focus, but they either have the head or tail cut off. This is the only one so far, that I have of the whole chicken in flight.

This is their temporary outdoor run located inside the garden fence. The chicken coop is still under construction and their permanent yard is not yet fenced. You can see the extention of the fence past the end of the garden fence - this will be the front of the chicken run. I believe the chicken yard will be about 45 ft x 55 ft with a 16 x 16 ft coop inside of it. The run area will be divided in two so that one side can get a good cleaning, rest and decontamination while the other side is in use. ...At night, the chickies are still sleeping in my laundry room.

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