Friday, January 30, 2009

Mid West Travel Digressions

Over the summer I had the good fortune to have a day off in the mid-west. I drove out to Lake Michigan. I've seen the Great Lakes on maps, so I knew they were huge - but you really have to see it to realize just how big it really is. From the south shore, you cannot even tell it is a lake - it looks like an ocean that opens up to the north and extends to the end of the earth. A sea gull over Lake Michigan. I love my camera. True, I'm not very practiced, so a shot like this for me is still "just lucky" - but it helps to have good equipment.
And, more sea gulls as they fly out over the lake. You can click on any of the photos on this blog to see the full sized picture.
View of the beach. I understand that at one time, the factories along the bank spewed smoke so vile and plentiful that the skies above the lake were smuged black. I'm glad that is no longer the case.
Pebbles along the shore. Sometimes I just like to take pictures of patterns. Some day I hope to return with more than a few hours to spare - still, I am so blessed that I get to see so much of our country.


Don Plotner said...

I like your blog and would like to subscribe to it.

Sadge said...

Hi Neighbor! Just found your site via Just Wandering Through and wanted to let you know you are not alone gardening in Nevada.

Daffodil Planter said...

Another hello neighbor, I found you through Blotanical. I'm over the mountains in Nevada City, CA. Added you and Sadge/Firesign Farm just now in your own special section of my blogroll. Come visit!