Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Spring Is Here!

It's been a long, cold, bitter winter here in the high desert, but warm temps and rain instead of snow, announce that Spring is finally here!

Small Miracles!

The rosemary pictured above, is not supposed to be winter hardy around here. Especially in an unusually cold winter where we received temperatures as low as negative ten! Other amazing survivors include 3 out of 4 apple trees, the nectarine and the cherry. Oregano, sweet marjoram, lemon balm and earded irises didn't bat an eye - and the irises are now budding. Hens (and rooster) also survived unscathed and are now ramping up egg production. Yes, the miracle of Spring is here!

New In the Ground!
  • "Matador" spinach is in the ground and sprouting
  • Peas are 2 - 3 inches tall
  • 6 Silver Thyme plants are in the herb bed
  • Sunflowers are sprouting (and with them, this year's the battle with the birds and chipmonks)
  • Two tomato plants are in the ground - still pretty chancy for this time of year

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