Sunday, July 15, 2012


After much deliberations, we have decided to pull up roots and move back home to The South. As a result, the chickens (including Kickstart) have been re-homed, as well as my kitty. And, I did not plant out a garden this year. Still, I cannot "not garden." The land and the cycles of the seasons are so much a part of me. Luckily, I have my apple trees and perennial herbs to amuse me. And, yes, I planted out a packet of beans. 24 bean plants almost doesn't seem like a garden. Still, it's better than nothing, and beans take almost no effort and are forgiving.
But first, a vacation photo. Some people go to museums or amusement parks for vacation - my daughters and granddaughters and I went to a U-Pick strawberry farm in California! Oh how I long for enough home grown strawberries to make jam and syrup with!

Alas, not My strawberry fields!
And now for today's updates from the not-garden garden..
I planted a mixed packet of bush beans. The yellow wax ones are coming on strong, and are ignoring the heat. The green ones are about a week behind. And so far, the purple ones haven't even set any tiny beans yet. They were planted at the same time and given the same neglect. Hopefully the purple ones will start setting soon. Yellow and purple are easier to see and harvest than the green ones.
First Bean Harvest of the Season
Apples doing well, and even hanging on during our wind storms; however, we won't be here to see them ripen. Well, the birds and chipmunks will have a feast. The really sad part is, even though I will water them deeply before we leave, all of my trees are probably destined to die.
They are about golf ball sized now.
Oregano, Sweet Marjoram, Lemon Balm, Culinary Sage, and Silver Thyme all came back from last year and are doing well. I sheared back the Oregano a few weeks ago, but it is threatening to bloom again. I have harvested some of the sage. I love the soft, pebbly feel of the leaves. Sadly, my two foot tall rosemary did not survive the winter. Her dried stalks still smell great, though, and I've left the dead plant there so that I can rub my hands on it and capture that scent. The 3 unknown day lilies have returned, and the two that get full sun are blooming. Lizards continue to find my 3 little garden beds to be an oasis. A few hardy tumble weeds have sprouted in the main area of the garden (where I did not grow anything and am not watering). Took down my bird feeder and washed it out. It isn't super expensive, but enough, and it's going with me. are my bearded irises! And now, back to packing...


Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog, I may have to move to the high desert myself and was looking how you were doing there, like your blog but now am sad that you are leaving, maybe i will hate the high Desert maybe i should rethink things, would be hard to be self sustainable there for sure. Good luck with your move.

Joseph Shaw said...

I have followed your blog for a bit. It is hard work and love that makes gardening possible, especially high desert gardening. Good for you. For myself, I tend to grow potted plants because I don't have a lot of square footage.