Saturday, June 21, 2008

Garlic Harvest Begins

This is garlic just moments from the ground. These all came out of the raised bed. Some are not as mature as I should have let them become, but I need the bed space for tomatoes and cukes. These were harvested on Thursday.
This set of garlic was harvested a few weeks ago and have been hanging from the fence to cure. They are all cleaned up and ready for eating. They, too, are not as mature as they should have been, but sometimes I just can't wait. More mature ones have a stronger flavor and will last longer. Still, they should be fine eating this summer. Also with that first harvest, I pulled all the garlic that did not set well and were going to have obviously small bulbs (less than 1 1/2 inches). Still good eating, but not worth using the space in the bed for them.
Of course, the other down side of harvesting too early is that the cloves are not as well formed and the bulbs are on the smaller side. Still, at an average of about 2" diameter, still a good eating size.
Mmmm, I don't think this one will have to worry about long term storage...looks like garlic bread to me!

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