Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Chicky Babies

Sleepy babies.Racing towards the food tray!
One of the chickies' favorite occupations.
Warm enough temps means that everyone isn't huddled directly under the heat lamp, but are spread out to enjoy the particular temperature that they prefer. When I first brought them home, they were piled up in one corner for 5 minutes or so until they started feeling comfortable. See the one with the leg stretched out? When they wake up, they often stretch like dogs.

So, for the next few days, they are hanging out in my laundry room in the bottom half of a dog crate. It has the bare minimum space allowance for 0-4 week old babies. This weekend I will monitor temps in the metal building throughout the day and night and then they will probably move out of the house at that point. I'll need to put chicken wire over the top to prevent rodents from entering and chickies from exiting. And, I am trying to figure out how to make their home bigger without spending much (any) money. I mean, they are only going to be in the crate for about 4 or 5 more weeks...maybe I can somehow attach the top half of the crate to it. The chicks are pretty agile and can probably cross the "hump" where the two halves would be joined.

Ok, so not much gardening news, other than I have been enjoying fresh strawberries every time I go out there. I also have some peas that I am going to chop up into tiny pieces and give to the chickies this weekend. (Just a tiny bit so they get a taste of "green stuff." Not actually enough to be considered a "meal.")I am purposely waiting until the weekend so I can keep an eye on them in case they get "pasty bottoms" - a deadly condition where their poop sticks to them and seals them shut so more poop can't get out. (Who knew?)

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