Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yes, yes, even more Chicky Pics

I can't help it - I'm deep in the chicky litter now, so there's going to be a lot of chicky pictures for a while. Here's a Maran, strutting her stuff.
Here is an Ameraucana - they have the most varied markings. The Marans all look pretty much the same and the Silver Laced Wyandotts also all look pretty much the same. The Ameraucanas, while you can tell are similar, area all pretty distinct.
This one is the same as the one in my hand, above...but if you look at the one below, spreading her wings, they barely look like they are related.
I think of this girl as my "video game" girl as she has an exclaimation point on her head. "Look, Ma, I want to fly like an eagle!"

Pretty much all the babies are trying to fly now. They get a running start, bounce, and then they are airborn for a foot or so. Had to tape cardboard to make the walls of their crate higher. They will be needing more room very shortly.

Pea season is pretty much over, being that it's been well into the 90s for several weeks now. I've been pulling the vines for the chickies every few days and they've been enjoying pecing at them. It doesn't look like they are actually eating much of it, but I am hoping that picking at the vines amuses them enough so that they don't want to pick at eachother. And, after the vines are picked over and trampled, off to the compost heap they go.

Speaking of compost, used chicky litter is being put out in the garden in little bits and pieces. I'd like to really mulch deep with those nice pine shavings, but I'm afraid that too much chicky poo in the pine might burn the roots of the plants. Still, at least I am recycling the pine shavings and chicky poo - some day I will turn this desert sand into SOIL!

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