Thursday, June 12, 2008

June, June, June!

Lots of activity in the last few weeks. And more, much more to come! Can't believe we are already in the middle of June.

  • Peas

    • Been eating peas from bed 2 for several weeks
    • Peas in bed 1 and around the tree are starting to flower

  • Strawberries

    • Eating one or two sweet strawberries a day starting this week
    • Picked 18 yummy little strawberries today (they are mostly just a little bigger than my thumb nail, but oooh, sooo sweet!)
    • Runners are running everywhere - may never have to buy new plants again!
    • Some plants have leaves nearly as big as my hand

  • Bearded Irises

    • The Irises are officially done blooming
    • Have moved 9 out of bed 1 and planted around the garden - they may not bloom next year, but probably the following year they will be fabulous.

  • Beans

    • Over 80 Yellow Pencil Pod Bush Beans are up
    • About 50 Royal Burgundy Bush Beans are up
    • A few Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans are starting to come up
    • Sowed about a dozen more Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans today
    • Sowed two dozen Dow Gawk "Yard Long" Beans (90 days to maturaty - I'm surely pushing the season)

  • Other Stuff

    • Sowed some "Eight Ball" round zucchini today
    • Harvested some garlic that did poorly over the winter - bulbs are mature, but small
    • Really need to plant out all those things that take 90 days or more to mature
    • 8 Heavenly Blue Morning Glories are up
    • Zero Moon Flowers have germinated
    • Corn due to germinate late next week

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