Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bearded Iris and the general state of the garden

It's such a delight to have my garden area all fenced in this year. Jack Rabbit depredations are non-existant and the dogs have not pulled out and/or rearranged my bearded irises! As a result, most of the irises had enough stable time in the same spot that they decided to actually put out buds. Of course, they were at one time nicely arranged to provide a rainbow, but now I have no idea what color is where.

Other things going on in the garden...

  • Cutting back "ferney" weeds for mulch
  • Falling further and further behind on weeding out tumbleweed seedlings
  • Strawberries are blooming prolificlly
  • Desert Mallow is waking up, although there are no flower buds yet
  • Garlic is even taller now that we've had a few warm days in a row
  • Peas in Veg. Beds 1 and 2 and around the tree are all doing well.
  • Work has begun in ernest on the chicken run and chicken pen
  • Placed my 2008 seed order with Territorial Seeds.


Melissa said...

LOL totally relate to the annoying Jack Rabbits! We have a fenced garden too and it is WONDERFUL not to worry about those pesky rabbits eating stuff!

KMU said...

I think Fencing is one of a garden's best blessings out here - right up there with rain!