Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Survived the Hail

I was so bummed over the shredded irises that I decided to post some pre-hail photos of them to cheer me up. Luckily, the plants themselves are doing fine. And it looks like the buds that will bloom in a few days are also fine.Bearded Iris Grouping
Don't know the name of this one, but it is a lovely blue color. It could be "blueberry", but I may never know as all the ID tags went bye-bye when the dogs started pulling them out last year. Thank goodness for fencing (and thank God for a husband and son who like to build fences!!!)!

Among the plants that were not phased by the rain, hail and cold were the peas. Moments after taking this photo, I ate this one! Crunchy, sweet, yum!

Surprisingly, nearly everything did OK with the hail. Probably because, even though it hailed three days in a row, the hail actually only lasted 5 or 10 minutes each time and was promptly melted by reasonably warm rain. In fact, the trees are looking possitively lush with all this water they've been getting. Much better than I can do with a hose.

  • Five tomatoes in the ground

    • Tomato Vera (hollow, "pepper-like", tomato)
    • Classic Roma
    • Red Pear cherry
    • Mexico Midget cherry
    • Steak Sandwich

  • A dozen or so more tomato babies inside under lights
  • Sugar Snap Peas starting to bloom - and the first few peas already eated off of the vine
  • Basils

    • All Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil that were in the ground died during the hail
    • 2 Purple Ruffles planted - both survived hail
    • Mammoth Basil survives
    • 2 Genovese Basils survive

  • Other Herbs

    • 3 clumps of Lemon Balm - the small ones that were burried under tomato trash have caught up with the one that was cared for - all looking vigorous
    • Rosemary sitting around not doing anything - not looking poorly, but not growing - just hanging out and waiting for warm weather, I suspect
    • Oregano loves this weather
    • Sweet Marjoram loves the weather, too

  • Strawberries - some are as big as my thumbnail
  • About 10% of the garlic have scapes
  • Sunflowers looking healthy and vigorous - sowed more the other day, but they aren't up yet.

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