Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Came home to find...

The scapes were barely reaching for the sun and the buds just beginning to fill out when I left my little plot of sand to spend the weekend in California. What a lovely site to return to. Bearded Irises are among my favorite flowers. They are heat and drought resistant, can take sub-freezing winters and have silky, delicate looking flowers in a rainbow of colors.


Steve said...

KMU, I was browsing Blotanical the other day and ran across your blog and made note of it. Luckily, I came back by today and got to take a closer look.

I moved to Portland from Reno recently after spending 15 years in Reno. I've worked out in that desert and I feel I know it well. I also happen to like it, weird as that seems. A nursery worth visiting in Reno is Dry Creek Nursery. They have a website under that name. Tell John and Nancy Steve sent ya! They are desert experts, btw.

I'm going to follow your blog closely. Us desert rats need to stick together......figuratively, of course.;-)

KMU said...

Thanks for your comments. I am surprised, but I have found myself beguiled by the High Desert and her (today) often wildly windy days. I still dream of moving back to The South, but I am enjoying not having any problems with all the "fungal stuff" that they have there. And I love watering by moonlight on those clear desert nights when the moon and the stars light up the sand like snow.