Saturday, May 31, 2008

Can't wait!

The summer harvesting season is almost upon us. I have been eating one or two peas here and there for the last few weeks, but now the pease are blooming in earnest and hopefully we'll have enough for some stir fry soon - assuming I don't eat them all while watering the garden or pulling weeds!

Came home from business travel to find the first of the strawberries blushing red. I was wondering when to get my bird netting... I think the answer is now!

Here's a little view of the south side of the garden looking East.

  • 32 sunflowers growing so far
  • 4 Royal Purple bush beans breaking ground
  • Peas blooming - continuing to eat a few here and there
  • First strawberries ripening up
  • Bearded Irises still blooming like crazy
  • Tomatoes have survived hail and transplanting
  • Garlic scapes doing their thing
  • Harvested some lemon balm to freshen up my garbage disposal
  • Oregano going crazy
  • Basils outside looking good (hopefully they'll go crazy once the warm weather gets here)

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