Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The "To Do" List

Seems like no matter the good intentions, after months of planning and waiting for the weather, once agreeable weather actually shows up, it is all a race to get everything done for Spring Planting - and invariably, many things just never get done.

Current List of Things to Do:
  • Build a little alter in the garden area
  • Feed the backyard trees
  • Feed the front fence trees
  • Continue the loosing battle against tumbleweed
  • Clean up potting table
  • Cut back all the yellow "ferny" weeds (and use as mulch)
  • Sow more sunflower seeds
  • Prep the main pole bean area
    • Add dirt/compost to the sand
    • Put up a trellis or string
  • Pot up more toms and basil
  • Start more seeds
    • Toms
    • Peppers
    • Basils
    • Herbs
  • Buy/Order
    • Hybrid Poplars
    • Lavender plant

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